Sunday, 3 June 2012

Heart & Head (Part Deux)

I forgot to mention something super-duper important in that last post about this Brother..let's call him "Muhammad".

And that very important thing is the fact that...

...he's one of my matchmakers. 


"Assalaamualaikum sister, I wanted to talk to you about something but didn't get a chance to do so in person.  If I offend you or if you want me to stop talking about this matter, let me know and I'll end the topic right away. But my question is whether you are looking to get married.  One of my friends is also looking, and I think that you guys would be a good match."

And when that didn't work out with his friend (he wanted someone younger), Muhammad wrote:

"InshaAllah I'll keep a look-out for you.  Just let me know what criteria you have in mind."


What a typical story-line. Falling for your matchmaker.

Si je me souviens bien, il y a un film de Jennifer Lopez sur ce sujet. Oh, mon Dieu.


Alors, j'ai decide de faire le priere de consultation - salaat al istikhara.

Le resultat: je vais attendre.


I mean, I haven't seen him or had any contact with him since realising that I like him.  So it just doesn't make much sense to do anything at this point.

Plus, we'll be working on phase two of this project come July, and I wouldn't want things to be awkward between us.

So, I'll wait it out.

And when I'm ready, and if this crush endures the test of time, then I have an action plan.

I know exactly the couple that I'd approach to be the "middlemen" and find out if there's any reciprocity on his part.

I know to seek advice from a particular family member - one who was married to an Arab.

I know to test the waters with my parents by posing hypothetical questions.

And I know that I don't know him well enough as a potential - but that the possibility of getting to know him in a personal capacity is always there.


Oh Allah, grant me khayr, where-ever it may be.

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