Wednesday, 16 November 2011


There's a new prospect.

It's always been (much) older Aunties and Uncles who've done the introductions in the past.

But this time, we're being introduced through one of my friends.


I seem to think so.

I think my parents do as well.  They seem very intrigued by this idea that friends are "hooking" each other up.

And it's quite a communication chain; almost feels like that game we used to play as kids; "broken telephone", where a message gets passed from one person to the next.

Parents communicate with me.
I communicate with my friend via text.
She communicates with her friend via text.
Her friend communicates with her aunt (probably not via text!)
Aunt communicates with her son.

This is unknown territory.  Of course it feels weird.

But here's what I'm really wondering about:

Our first meeting isn't going to be a typical rishta meeting where his family comes over and we talk.

No, he's requested that just the two of us meet first.  In a public place of course.

"Because he doesn't want it to be uncomfortable for either of us."

and then if we decide to go forward with this, then the formal rishta type meeting with the parents.

Is that weird?

I'm not really sure how I feel about this at the moment.

I mean I just got kind of used to having people come over and doing things the traditional way.

And sure, this is arrangement is a lot less nerve-wracking than having to meet the entire family, but it's still nerve-wracking.

All the more so because I've never done it before!

oh zut alors.

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