Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wednesday when this thing happens. In my mind, technically, it really is a blind date.

My sister squirmed a bit when I said that to her this afternoon.  After all, Muslims don't date.

But really what else is this?

Meeting a prospect at a coffee shop downtown.  We've never been formally or informally introduced to each other.  He has no clue what I look like, and I have absolutely no idea what he looks like.

All I know is that I'll be on the lookout for a brown guy in his late 20s.  Or maybe I'll just be lazy and let him approach me; it would be much easier spotting a hijabi downtown, right?

In any case, it definitely sounds like a blind date to me.

But saying that to myself, is actually making me feel very uneasy. Because there's so much I feel I don't know.

And I hate not knowing.  Usually, I have some information.  This time, it feels like nothing.

I know his name.
I know what he does for a living.
I know about his education.
I know what town he lives in.
I know that our grandfathers were close friends many, many years ago in India.
And I know that our parents know each other.

That's the extent of it. C'est tout.

And it unnerves me just as much that Google can't even give me any information on this dude!  Not a single hit shows up when I search his name. Not even one.

O Google, you have failed me.

And if he's anything like I am, he's likely google-searched me as well.  And let's just say that there's A LOT that google can tell you about me.  In fact, the first two pages are spot-on.  Google will tell you which specific community organisations I'm involved with, and in what capacity.  It'll tell you about which high school and universities I graduated from.  It'll tell you what my professional qualifications are.  And it'll tell you what campus groups I belonged to back in my student days.


All of the sudden, I'm really dreading Wednesday.


redhum said...

Oh Cherie, sometimes you have to put your faith in Allah and understand that whatever happens, it happens for the best. Keep your chin up!

Chere Moineau said...

Yep, you're totally spot on abt that! But much easier said than done. :)

p.s. When will we get an update about your stitch? :P

redhum said...

Cherie, when I have an update to post! I am taking a break after a particularly painful experience, but I try not to flood my blog with my quest.

SoulSeek said...

Assalamu Alaikum!

Sounds exciting. The first 120 seconds are crucial in establishing rapport (sorry blad, had to be done).

If the brother has any kind of people skills he will make it easy for you. If he doesn't, it's okay.

Formality sucks. It's not a business meeting. So ask him how his day was and how work was. Then take it from there. Based on what you receive, open up to questions such as: "Tell me more about your family?" and there you have it; a somewhat nervous setting but the conversation is flowing. It's a good place to be in.

Have tawwakul in Allah and you'll as good as peanut butter and jelly :)

Chere Moineau said...

@RedHum: Okie dokie. :) It's still a pleasure to read, btw.

@SoulSeek: I wish I had read this before meeting him! Oh well, atleast I'll know for next time now...esp. the first 120 seconds thing. I sincerely hope you're writing up a guidebook on this...A Dummy's Guide to Muslim joke. Given the sheer number of us out there, it'd be an instant best-seller. :)

SoulSeek said...

You have no idea what's sizzling on my mind. I thought I was beginning to go crazy. But it seems to be working for everyone. I would throw in a but close.

But that's in Allah's hands ;)