Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Start

So there's something on my mind, folks.

It's an idea that's definetly pushing me out of my comfort zone, and yet I keep drifting back to it.  C'est quoi ca?

It's this idea of sharing my experiences and thoughts on the marriage quest with the world wide web.

Ludicrous? Maybe.

But there's already a whole bunch of people who are doing it or have done it in the past.

All anonymous writers who ensure the confidentiality of others as well.

Like SoulSeek at who's been blogging about his experiences since 2009.

Or hijabi.salioress at ,

These are probably my top picks in terms of Quest Blogs, just because they're all so well-written and insightful, mashAllah.

And while I can't imagine producing work that's up to par with theirs, I do feel this odd inclination to start a new blog.

Because this journey certainly has taught me A LOT, and I feel like some of this knowledge would be beneficial to others.

Because I have posts going back to 2007 on this...on my private blog of course.

And I'm not sure why else...

Maybe it's been on my mind because this coming January will mark 5 years?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Anyways, here it goes.



SoulSeek said...

Grrrr, I wrote a looong comment but it disappeared (or may I forgot to go through that darn captch *d'oh*). That was a week back - now I can't even remember what I wanted to say!

So here's my very lame attempt.. Assalamu Alaikum! And welcome! It's refreshing to see a 5 year long veteran here. Hit us up and I'll be sure to stick around :)

Chere Moineau said...

walaikumsalaam SoulSeek!

aww shucks..although, I'm hoping it didn't take you a week to remember what the original comment was! :P

btw, it's kind of weird to see you on here b/c I'm was one of those long-time silent readers on your blog. But, I'm truly honoured that you're here.

SoulSeek said...

That got a LOL from me haha! Honestly? A week later and I still failed, sad times.

I was suspicious that I'm living in a world of crazy. Then I see this sister being honoured at my presence?

Now I'm convinced the world is crazy!

p.s. get rid of these captchas, grrr