Friday, 20 January 2012

The List

humility:  that's the newest addition to my list now.

And I realise that my list is getting very long, but it's my list, so stick it!

But then again, most of the qualities that are on that list can be summed up by this: striving to be a true mumin.

Your accomplishments, your good looks, your everything is because of Allah SWT.  He blessed you with it, and He can take it away anytime He pleases. It's all n'ima, all of it.

"Blue Eyed"

Just a couple of the terms I've directly encountered.  Blagh.  It puts this awful taste in my mouth.  It's such a turn-off.

My alter-ego is likely having a screamfest inside.

But whether we'd like to admit it or not, much of this process is about "peacocking" as one of my friends would say.  You're essentially describing yourself to a perfect stranger, who will then pass some judgement as to whether or not you meet their criteria.  It's natural to want to be desired.

But I think there's a difference between wanting to look good and being arrogant. Scratch that. There IS a difference.

Show a little humility, man.

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